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​August 27 (EST)/August 26 (PDT) BTS "Butter" (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) 

Butter (feat. Megan Thee Stallion will be released August 27 12am EST/August 26 9pm PDT 

For more Canadian release times see here.

​July 9 BTS "Permission To Dance" OUT NOW
​MAY 21 BTS "Butter" OUT NOW


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Our playlists on YouTube range from eras, years, and current efforts in streaming.

Utilize them to boost streaming numbers or just for some fun!

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Our Spotify playlists are perfect for listening at home or on the go. They're easy ways to support BTS via a free/premium streaming platform!

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Our Apple Music playlists are perfect for supporting BTS on a premium-only platform. They're also great for listening casually/for fun!

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We're a group of fans, ARMYs, from Canada coming together to spread BTS, their music and influence across the country! We organize fan projects aimed at promoting BTS in Canada and bringing Canadian ARMY together. 

Our funds account is aimed at helping Canadian ARMY support BTS's music on Canadian charts.

Donate and Request Funds.

​May 18 BTS "Butter" Official Teaser OUT NOW

Stream online:


Butter will be released May 21 12am EST/9pm PDT 

For more Canadian release times see here.

​MAY 17 #ShareArMeal Canadian Edition

We’re joining @ShareArMeal fundraising for the @FoodBanksCanada

COVID-19 Response helping Canadian food banks and especially supporting the Northern communities until June 25!

This fundraiser is following BTSxMcdonald's collaboration timeline. 

Donate to Food Banks Canada through BTSxCanada fundraiser page:

For more information about #ShareArMeal Project:

​MAY 1 BTS 8th Anniversary Project - Relay For Life Fundraiser

We are joining BTSMontreal in their Relay For Life to support Canadian Cancer Society. Donate to your regional ARMY fundraiser or our national team until June 12!

Montreal (Hosted by @BTSMontreal):

Alberta (Hosted by @Alberta_BTS):

Halifax (Hosted by @BTSxHalifax):

Canada (Hosted by @BTSxCanada):

Join our discord server for activities and fundraiser updates! 

​APRIL 30 "Don't" by eAeon ft RM OUT NOW

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Stream online:



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​DEC 15 BE Comeback Report

BTSxCanada has released its first comeback report for BE by BTS. See the full report in English and French.

DEC 15 - 31 BTSxCanada Fanbase Survey

The BTSxCanada team wants to hear from you! Tell us how we did this comeback through our survey. Take the survey either in English or French.